We will be known as a premier resource for single parents that enable and empower them to become self-supporting to achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their children
  • Break the poverty cycle through better life choices and higher education
  • Develop clients into contributing members of society
  • Cultivate ongoing volunteer and donor support
  • Develop resources through partnering with other non-profit organizations, government agencies, educational facilities, churches etc.
  • Increase organizational awareness throughout the region

Our purpose is to provide support, encouragement and guidance to single parents in the pursuit of identifying life choice options that enhance their opportunities for career advancement and independence.

What We Do

SPARC Hope, Single Parent Resource Center, serves single parents who are struggling to make ends meet and who are willing to make the extra effort to help secure the future for themselves and their children. We are also a liaison between resources and services for single parents in our community. SPARC Hope is not welfare or charity, but rather a hand up. Our goal is to uplift the Spiritual, Physical and Emotional needs of single parents. We want to empower single parents to seek a better quality of life through pursuing a higher education, allowing them to become self-supportive through a new career. We understand the road to the American Dream is often full of obstacles, ones we are trying to alleviate.

Why We Continue

In 2019, MCRC decided to undergo a re-brand. However, the only thing that is changing is our name, SPARC Hope (Single Parent Resource Center). We want people to know that we serve single fathers and single mothers in the Kentuckiana area. Our purpose is to continue to provide support, encouragement, and guidance to single parents in the pursuit of identifying life choice options that will enhance their opportunities for career advancement and independence. With our rebrand, we hope to continue to reach more people in communities that were not aware of our services and to help create a better quality of life for parents and their children.

How We Began

Bob Cherry, Senior Pastor of Northeast Christian Church, challenged 100 members with what he called a Kingdom Assignment. The Kingdom Assignment in short: Take $100.00 and change the world. When Sheila Day received her challenge she ultimately felt that God was laying single mothers on her heart. Her first step was to send out 50 letters asking friends and family to match her $100.00. She wound up receiving $15,000 back. With that she rented her first space which would become Mom’s Closet Resource Center (MCRC).

Since its humble beginnings in 2003 MCRC has changed and grown into a multi-faceted program. We are dedicated to helping single mothers break the cycle of poverty in their own families by encouraging them to engage in higher education. We at SPARC believe the only way to become independent is to strive for excellence through education.

When doing our strategic planning for 2019, we decided it was time to Re-Brand.  In doing our research, we determined the need was still great in our community to assist single moms, but realized that the need to assist single dads was on the rise.  We also wanted to shed the thought that our organization was a clothes closet.  So, with lots of help, we finally landed on SPARC Hope, Single Parent Resource Center.  We revealed our new name at our Breakfast of Champions on 7/23/19.  Dawne Gee was our guest speaker, and WAVE 3 captured our reveal!  Excited to see  what  our future holds!


Join Our Family!

Bridge Program

SPARC Hope works with the TAPP school and other single parents to begin our BRIDGE Program. We want to connect with teenage single parents and other singles in the hopes of encouraging them to move on to higher education.

Career Coaching

We are excited about partnering with Kentucky Career Center. We will be offering additional services through Career Planning.

Life Plan
The Life Plan is reserved for single parents who are working a minimum of 20 hours a week AND going to a college, university or trade school at least 1/2 time!



Join Us At Any Event!

Restaurant Nights

Last Restaurant Night in 2022!

Village Anchor, December 19!

11507 Park Road – 5-11 pm
Check out details be clicking below!

Yearly Gala Fundraiser

Visit  our Gala page to see all of our past Gala Events.  This page is currently set up with information from our 2021 Event.  Go to our page at www.sparc-hope.org/yearly-gala/ for all of the details!  Look for information coming soon for our 2023 event!  Tickets go on sale SOON!

Tours - Your Journey Begins Here
SPARC Hope will holding monthly tours.
They will be from 12-12:30.  They are held the third Thursday of EVERY month!  You can register on-line.

General Donation

Monetary Donations – To make a Financial Donation to SPARC Hope, use the Donate Button below. We are a Federal Non Profit under section 501(c)(3). SPARC Hope will send out tax statements at the end of the year!

Support A Single Parent

If you would like to Support a Single Parent, a full year is $2400; half a year is $1200. Use the Donate Button below. We will send out tax statements at the end of the year! Will keep you updated on moms in our program through newsletters and annual reports!

Sparc Supporter - Why Give Monthly?

It’s Affordable
It’s Community
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It’s Impactful

Be the change!

Become a Volunteer Today

To assist in making your volunteer experience the best it can be, please fill out the Volunteer Application and send back to Tanya. For all volunteer opportunities or to fill out application on line, you can click here, or you can contact Cassie Wingfield at 502-245-9899 or cassiei@sparc-hope.org


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