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hank you for your interest in volunteering with SPARC Hope.  By partnering with us, you are helping us continue to
“Change the future of Kentuckiana’s kids, one single parent at a time!”

We are in need of people who can volunteer in these areas:

  1. Online Ambassadors
  2. Dare to Care Delivery Driver
  3. Dare to Care Processors
  4. Pantry – Drive Hosts
  5. Consignment Coordinator
  6. Night/Weekend Event Volunteers

People serving in these positions need to be trained in the office. Once comfortable, some of these positions can be done remotely or from home. 

For additional Volunteer Opportunities, please scroll down below application form.

To assist in making your volunteer experience the best it can be, please fill out the Volunteer Application below.
For all volunteer opportunities or any questions, you can contact our office at 502-245-9899 or email:  destiny@sparc-hope.org

If looking for Corporate/Group Projects, please scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out Project Form.


Aging in Place created a comprehensive piece on the benefits of volunteering for seniors. The intent of the article is to educate and encourage seniors in our area to volunteer at organizations. Please read more on why with think you could be a great fit as a volunteer! https://www.aginginplace.org/how-to-volunteer-as-a-senior/

Volunteer Application

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Special skills or qualifications can be acquired through employment, previous volunteer work, or other activities like hobbies or sports. What skills or qualities do you have as a volunteer?
  • Nights/Weekends and Committee assignments are limited. Please call our office or email mary@sparc-hope.org to see when assignments are available.



Volunteering office hours start at 10 a.m. unless otherwise arranged/noted.


At SPARC Hope our purpose is to provide support, encouragement and guidance to single parents in the pursuit of identifying life choice options that enhance their opportunities for career advancement and independence.




One of the biggest ongoing expenses for single parents is grocery and household goods, so here at SPARC Hope we try to alleviate as many of those costly expenses as possible for our clients and their families.

One way we do this is by offering each client unlimited shopping visits in our pantry to offset the cost of their grocery expenses. Our pantry includes almost everything your local grocery would carry, and it is in constant need of stocking and organizing.


Pantry-Drive Host

Looking for a way to volunteer but you just don’t have time, physical capability, or a lot of resources. Do you have a group of friends, family or church members that are looking for ways to support an organization? Let me introduce you to SPARC Hope, we are a non-profit that supports single working parents who are pursuing higher education. We provide resources and services directly to the parent and their families as they work toward the goal of providing a better and brighter future for their families.

 One resource we provide is an on-site pantry where parents can come shop for all their grocery and household needs. This offers them a savings of $200-600 a month and an overall program benefit of $6600 a year.  To start a pantry-drive, you can check out our website for our SPARC Hope Pantry Needs, check out our Facebook page, or call our office at 245-9899 to find out what our pantry needs are.



Dare to Care Delivery-Driver

Are you available on the Tuesday mornings and have a SUV/Truck/Van?

SPARC Hope currently has a partnership with Dare to Care where we receive frozen goods, fresh produce, and nonperishable/ perishable items. We are needing to build a team (2-4 people) to pick up our Dare to Care order with an SUV/Van/Truck and deliver to SPARC Hope.

Dare to Care Location: 5803 Fern Valley Rd, Louisville, KY 40228


Dare to Care Order-Processor

Are you available on Tuesday mornings between 10:30 and 1:00?

In order to keep our shelves and refrigerators stocked for our single parents, we need a team of 4-8 people to sort, label, and put away our Dare to Care orders twice each month.


Pantry Assistant

We are looking for a handful of regular volunteers who can come in weekly or bi-weekly and assist in the food pantry. This will need to be an ongoing team who can run the pantry with minimal supervision and will require training from SPARC Hope staff. Volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Taking inventory and coding incoming donations
  • Stocking and organizing shelves
  • Pulling and distributing expired foods
  • Keeping pantry up to code according to Dare to Care standards (training provided)

We occasionally have clients that have a difficult time getting to the pantry because of their schedule for the month, or car issues, etc. It is helpful if our pantry assistants can shop our client’s grocery lists, and then deliver their groceries when necessary.

* Note on occasion, there will be some heavy-lifting or physical labor, such as lifting boxes of canned goods or other items. This is not an everyday thing and we do have other staff and volunteers in during the week if you are not able to do so.




 Client Intake Advocate

As part of the services provided in our program, SPARC Hope Clients must meet certain criteria prior to being accepted into the program. We are looking for volunteers to learn the intake process and then to walk alongside them as an advocate as they work to become a LIFE PLAN client. Some may enter at varying levels of our program services which include:

  • Resource Assistance
  • Food Assistance
  • Career Coaching

As a Client Intake Advocate, you will assist with intake applications and interview preparation for our programs. You will provide encouragement, follow-up with potential clients to move along the process, and provide an ear to listen and hand to hold when needed. It is the goal for every intake to enter the Life Plan program. As an Intake Advocate, you will help them get into our Life Plan program so that they can go on to meet their educational and career goals. 

 Special Programs Event Planner

We are looking for volunteers to assist/coordinate on our special programs throughout the year that assist our clients. By coordinating, you can host a drive, put together baskets, provide resources, put together a team, adopt a family. Some basket ideas and holiday drives include:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter Baskets
  • Spring Cleaning Baskets
  • Mothers Day
  • Fathers Day
  • Back to School Supplies
  • Halloween Costume Drive
  • Thanksgiving Baskets
  • Christmas Gift Drive

Consignment Coordinator

One way we help fund our consignment program is by having donors consign their gently used items to local consignment stores we work with in our name. The proceeds from the sold consigned-items are then donated to our program fund. We then get credit from the consignment store to give to our clients to use when needed.  This offers our clients a nice savings on their clothing budget.

 We need someone that knows the ins and outs of consigning,  best places to consign, and is willing to take the task of OWNING our Consignment Program. This opportunity can be done off-site or from home once training is provided. Responsibilities include:

  • Working closely with various Consignment Stores
  • Building and creating relationships with Consignment Store owners and staff
  • Researching Consignment Stores in and around the Louisville area
  • Tracking Donations made in our name
  • Monitoring sales of donated items
  • Picking up checks on a monthly basis




Event Committee

Are you that person that LOVES TO PLAN A PARTY!  Then this is the team for you!

We are looking for people to assist us with our fundraising events throughout the year. We try to plan for at least two big events per year!


Research Assistant

Do you love to find hidden gems, grants, and other resources that can benefit your community? If so, let me introduce you to SPARC Hope. We are a small non-profit that serves single parents who are working, pursuing higher education, and raising their kids. This program is not a handout, but a hand up by providing resources and services to those who are working hard to secure a brighter future for their family.

 In order to expand our programs, we need help researching resources, incentives, grants, and other resources that can help our organization and the families we serve.  Some ideas include: 

  • Grants– Search for new grants and ways for us to apply.
  • Churches– Donations, free will offering, pantry drives, volunteers, event notifications, etc.
  • Incentives– Find out how to get our organization in Round-Up fundraising campaigns across participating stores.
  • Kroger– Find out how to promote the Community Rewards Program in our name.
  • Walmart– Research best ways to partner monthly with Walmart on available funding offered.
  • Amazon Smile – Find out how to promote people choosing SPARC Hope as a recipient for funding dollars.
  • Consignment stores– Research potential opportunities and establish contacts.




 Online Ambassadors

In need of people who love social media!  We need you to like, follow, and share our content on the following platforms:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn,  We also need you to engage with us through comments.  Please contact our office and talk with Cassie Wingfield. 502-245-9899 or cassie@sparc-hope.org.




Volunteer at the Yum Center/Lynn Family Stadium

 Are you unavailable during our normal business hours, but still want to get involved in volunteerism with SPARC Hope? Well, we have exciting news! We have partnered with Andy Frain Services to work events at the Yum Center and Lynn Family Stadium. Andy Frain Services coordinate a variety of events at the Lynn Family Stadium & Yum Center, from Disney on Ice, Concerts, to Sporting Events. They will allow our volunteers to work these events and for each hour a volunteer works, they donate $12 to our organization. If we have 10 volunteers work a 4-hour event, SPARC Hope makes $480 tax free! This is such a great opportunity for us and our volunteers! Who doesn’t love raising money for a great cause and enjoying a concert!? For more information, contact Leslie Mendoza at leslie@sparc-hope.org

            And you can always check us out on Volunteer Match!  CLICK HERE OR check out http://www.volunteermatch.org/search/org698577.jsp


            If looking for a Corporate / Group opportunity, please fill out Group Activity Form:

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