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We love what we do to help our community! However, we think hearing it from people we have served or are still serving would be better at explaining further, how SPARC Hope has helped change their lives. If you would like to leave a comment about your experience with us, please visit https://www.sparc-hope.org/contact-us/ and send us a message!

Dear SPARC Hope,

I have read the profiles of the Single Parents on SPARC’s Facebook page and noticed that some of them have lost their jobs. Thankfully, I am still employed and considered the stimulus check extra money. I wanted to donate half to someone who has lost his/her job and who has a family to support. I thought of SPARC Hope because being a single parent is a very tough job. SPARC Hope impresses me with the help they give from helping to pay rent and utilities, to maintaining a food pantry, and to meeting the many other needs of their clients. I have been very impressed with SPARC Hope’s program of “empower(ing) single parents to seek a better quality of life through pursuing a higher education, allowing them to become self-supportive through a new career.

Mary B., 2020

5 stars!

Sandra Gugliotta, 2020

Great cause. Great people. Please check out and donate.

Russell Watters, 2020

SPARC got me through the worst times in my life and was a huge lessi.g to my kinds and I.

Dona Jen, 2020

This is an amazing organization that is passionate about supporting single parent families in their efforts to become more stronger and more self sufficient.

Shelia Lambert Brookins, 2020

I highly recommend SPARC Hope. They are a wonderful and caring group that helps single parents. My company has worked with them over the last couple of years and we have seen the wonderful impact they have had on our community and individual families. Please support them with your time or donations.

Chad Barnes, 2020

Sharing another great organization to help our women and children.

Paulina Michaud, 2019

5 stars!

Mike Grine, 2018

Schedule a tour of our facilty, Donate online, or volunteer your time to help support our Single Moms through this Program geard towards developments, and furthering education as a tool to encourage and empower! Our children are Our Future please help support their growth through Moms Closet Resource Center one Mom at a Time!

Damian Farris Montgomery, 2018

I love volunteering at Mom’s Closet Resource Center. It is very rewarding to meet the moms and their children. I love to see how Mom’s Closet Resource Center is changing the life’s of the moms and their children.

Mary Kennedy, 2017

Would love to work here, this is right where my heart is.

Tiffney Asbury, 2017

5 stars!

Sally Hall, 2017

Free big boxes of diapers.

Alex Cory, 2017

5 stars!

Michael Stevens, 2017

Great service to the public. 5 stars!

Richard McCameron, 2017

This program really did motivated me to go back to school and to know that I will have the support I need to really complete what I started so many years ago. To God be the glory. 5 stars!

Shariem Wicks, 2016

Best organization in Louisville that supports single moms and genuinely cares about each and every one of their clients. They hold you accountable for keeping in touch and maintaining your job and a reasonable GPA and they do the rest (work magic)! They are a true blessing. 5 stars!

Shana Sherard, 2015

Great work done here help support a good cause God is working thru these people to help and support single moms in our town. 5 stars!

Bonnie Boyle, 2015

Awesome! 5 stars!

Louise Noble, 2014

5 stars!


Autumn Thomas, 2014

5 stars!

Melissa Houglin, 2013

5 stars!

Arizona Bowen, 2013

5 stars!

Jacque Bowen Fowler, 2013

5 stars!

Keith Joseph, 2013

5 stars!

Jennifer M Spears, 2013