The following is a paraphrased note that Laura and Staci received from one of our clients that really demonstrates the impact we are having:

We have so many stories, but probably our favorite one right now is about our mom’s son who runs track. We have a gal, Kristan, who always supports Sparc Hope. She does our birthday bags for our moms and kids every year, and always helps out with other things as well. And always pitches in at Christmas time. She signed up for some Christmas items, called Staci to discuss, and found out a little more about her son. It just so happens, she is friends with Ronnie Baker (see below), a professional in track. Then, she reached out to Ronnie to see if he would connect with our mom’s son. After hearing our family’s story, Ronnie decides to wrote the son a two-page letter. They have connected, and they are continuing to build a friendship every day. It is unbelievable. His mom is so thrilled about this influence in her son’s life. You just never know what can come out of a simple conversation!

Also, this mother’s daughter recently graduated, Friday, December 13th. She was also the first black GREEK letter organization homecoming queen and the Second Black homecoming queen at EKU since the 70s. Now, for her twin to finish at Murray and another son to advance to college. “It’s all about to pay off! said, mom”

Ronnie Baker (born October 15, 1993) is an American professional track and field athlete specializing in the sprints.[8] Over 60 meters his personal best time of 6.40 seconds makes him the third-fastest man in the event in history. He was champion over 60 m at the USA Indoor Championships in 2017, a medalist over 60 m at the World Indoor Championships in 2018, and a gold medallist in the 4 × 100 m relay at the World Relays in 2017. Baker was a dominant competitor over 100 m in the Diamond League circuit in 2018, winning four races and placing no worse than second, including in the final where he also placed second. He was the fastest man in the world in 2017 over 60 m, and the second-fastest in 2018 over both 60 m and 100 m. In college, he competed for the TCU Horned Frogs, where he was champion over 60 m at the NCAA Division I Indoor Championships in both 2015 and 2016.