Here are the questions:

  1. What changes have you had to make with COVID- 19?
  2. What has helped you stay sane during the quarantine?
  3. Have you picked up any new hobbies since quarantine started?
  4. What is one thing your child/children enjoy about being home from school? What about you as a parent?
  5. What have you learned in your time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?
  6. What are you and your family most looking forward to when quarantine is over?
  7. Give us your best joke!


Here are the answers:

  1. I have had to change my daily pattern. I usually get up daily workout, shower, and go to work.

I am now working from home and literally have no where to go.  The biggest adjustment has been mental.


  1. I am practicing self-care to during quarantine to stay sane.  I work out religiously, but I have added meditation, “no technology” time, ready time, and I have journaled what I am grateful for each day and trying my hand at poetry.


  1. My new hobbies were listed above. I am now journaling and attempting poetry.


  1. My son is a junior in high school and this is not fun for him.  He doesn’t like being away from his friends.  He does like our bonding time, but this is tough on him.  I enjoy being around my son and being available to assist him. He is now showing me how to make tik toks and including me!  ha


  1. I have learned that we are all vulnerable to many things, life is precious, the little things that I often took advantage of – really matter, especially being in the presence of family and friends. I have also learned that people truly are compassionate – one never knows until they are thrusted into a situation such as this.


  1. Our family will be taking a trip to be out in nature and enjoy each other’s company – stress free; hugs and all!


  1. I have no jokes other than —


Knock knock

Who’s there

Your neighbor

Nope, stay away – Andy said you can’t be doing that


6 feet away please 🙂