Phyllis has been involved with SPARC Hope for years. She and her husband Larry have supported us financially in many ways. When we moved over to our Brinley office, Phyllis came over to help us decorate the office, and assist in various ways. I knew Phyllis’s background from Pegasus Transportation and asked one day if she would take a look at our financials. Well, that started us on an amazing journey. Even as a small non-profit that has been around since 2003, we were still not capturing all of our income, etc., so we were not able to give people the #’s that they needed to look at to supporting us financially. Now, with Phyllis’s support, we are BBB Certified, Guide Star Compliant, have our annual report and 990’s on our website, and have our budget in place. We are also capturing all of the numbers in a way that makes sense!

When Phyllis is not at work she likes to travel. She recently went on a trip to Isreal. She also helps take care of her mom, takes her grandson on cool adventures to feed horses and storytime at the library, spending quality time with her husband, daughter, grand-daughter, a great-grandson, and a great-granddaughter that will be born very soon, maybe tomorrow!