Barb volunteers anywhere we need her assistance. She works most of her time unloading, labeling, and reshelving goods from Dare to Care and other donations that come in from the community. She is a jack of all trades. When Barb is not volunteering her time at Sparc Hope she volunteers at NorthEast Christian Church, loves working out, traveling to warm places and acting in movies!

Penny has worked with Sparc Hope for a while now and comes in anywhere from 2 days a week, to 5 days a week, depending on what is going on in the office, and how she can assist! She works in DonorSnap, Helping unload and label Dare to Care items, answers phones and so much more. Another wonderful volunteer who gives us her all! When Penny is not volunteering at Sparc Hope she is enjoying quality time with her family, spoiling her granddaughter and niece, and enjoying anything Supernatural related.

Tanya has been here for the shortest amount of time but has surpassed our expectations as a volunteer. Tanya is Consistent and loyal and her kind is hard to find. Tanya helps with Dare to Care days, works on a special project with our Program Coordinator and so much more. Tanya also carries out her tasks in the office with so much grace and patience that we can’t help but be thankful and blessed to have found a spirit like hers. When Tanya is not volunteering at Sparc Hope she is spending quality time with her husband and son, attending bible study, and working out!