By: Cassie Wingfield

It is so important to practice self care, especially for a single mom. My daughter just started back at school and at times that can feel like taking on another job. I get her up early, put her on the bus, go to work, get her off the bus, work a few hours from home, help her with homework, cook dinner, get her in the bath, and put her to sleep. This schedule leaves very little room for much of anything else. But If this is all that I do, every day, soon my tank will be empty. It is so important to practice self care, and you can do this at home. Here are a three ideas for easy self care at home.

1. Read a book.

I know, when do we have time to read, right? Well I’m not talking about reading an entire book in a day. I personally, like to read a few pages in my bible every morning while I drink my coffee. This helps me mentally and spiritually. It gives me a few quiet moments where I can engage my brain in something that I chose. It is not something I have to do, it is something I get to do, and that makes a world of difference. It becomes a quiet escape and helps me prepare myself mentally before I wake up my daughter and the craziness of the day begins.

2. Schedule time for yourself.

That sounds odd, but when your schedule gets so full of work, school, chores & kids, you tend to run out of time for yourself. If you become intentional about setting aside time for yourself, it makes a world of a difference. Now I’m not talking about time to go to the grocery, or pay the bills. I mean time for you to do whatever you want to do, not have to do. Maybe there’s a show you are really into, set aside time to watch it, uninterrupted. Maybe you want to give yourself a manicure, here is a link for a DIY manicure at home. This time can be after the kids fall a sleep, while they are outside playing, whenever your schedule allows. Just make time for it.

3.Have a friend over for dinner.

As a single mom, I know that weeks can go by with out any human interaction outside of your children and your work. It is important to form, and maintain, relationships with others. But as a parent, it can be tough to make time to be with your friends. So, have a friend over for dinner with you and your kids. You can enjoy adult conversation over a meal and you didn’t even have to get a baby sitter. Friendship brings value into our lives, so take care of yourself by spending time with your friends.

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