Page 10 - Finding Her

All I can do is encourage you to dig deep, and to figure out what does work for you, because I can promise you God has so much more waiting for you than where you are at right now!  I know you’ve been through a lot, but keep this in mind…

Everything you’ve gone through has served a purpose in your life, if only to identify the things that cause you the most heartache. 

And just like your body uses pain to show areas that have been damaged, your soul uses heartache to let you know the areas you most need to work on, in order for you to heal. I know that right now that may be so hard to hear or fully found them. I honestly hope you don’t shut my book right here and walk away, because believe me when I say I have heard that too many times to count. Every time someone told me that all the bad things I was going through had a purpose, it would make me angry. The idea that my pain and heartache were supposed to have a good side, even during the most devastating times of my life, would literally piss me off. I know, that doesn’t even feel right to say. But now, looking back on many of my darkest days, I can see where that pain taught me some valuable life lessons. Created in me the strength I needed to be there for someone else. That pain was a vital resource for the next season of my life. Either way, I’ve learned that perspective is key.

How we view situations and circumstances can either set us up for a better future or set us up for failure. I’ve learned this past year especially that our mindset and their thoughts control the direction of our lives. But we allow to play in our heads over and over mentally ends up ruling us.

This is a passage from the book, “Finding Her”. An inspirational story written by Brittany Weird, a SPARC Hope client. You can get your copy of “Finding Her” on August 13th. Check out the book release party here.

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