1. What changes have you had to make with COVID- 19?
  2. What has helped you stay sane during the quarantine?
  3. Have you picked up any new hobbies since quarantine started?
  4. What is one thing your child/children enjoy about being home from school? What about you as a parent?
  5. What have you learned in your time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?
  6. What are you and your family most looking forward to when quarantine is over?
  7. Give us your best joke!

1.) I lost my job due to the Virus. So now I just stay at home and all my classes have been switch to Online now so that’s another change.

2.) Reading, at home exercising, focusing on losing weight and taking walks has help me stay sane.

3.) I have been researching vlogging online, I want to start my own YouTube channel. I also have been doing a lot of self-care experiments on myself, like learning how to braid, doing my eyebrows, and doing my own nails.

4.) Ariyah enjoys spending time with me mostly, and I also love spending time with her and doing activities together.

5.) I’ve learned that Us as humans really do a lot of damage to the earth. I’ve been noticing it’s a lot less trash on the streets outside. I hear and see more animals around when I do go outside.

6.) We are looking most forward to going to the Louisville Zoo, Ariyah never been and I think this will be the perfect summer for her to go.

7.) How do you prevent a Summer cold? Catch it in the Winter!