Here are the questions:
1. What changes have you had to make with COVID- 19?
2. What has helped you stay sane during the quarantine?
3. Have you picked up any new hobbies since quarantine started?
4. What is one thing your child/children enjoy about being home from school? What about you as a parent?
5. What have you learned in your time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?
6. What are you and your family most looking forward to when quarantine is over?
7. Give us your best joke!



The Bootes family wants to Thank you for all your help and support before and during this time of quarantine.

To answer your question about the changes we had to make with Covid- 19,

I had to realize pretty quick that I involuntarily turned into a first grade/ 4th grade teacher,😅  I had to work harder on my computer skills, sew masks for the Kids and I, for when we are around other people. Use extra precautions when cleaning and , sing my  (‘favorite tune’) that start with “Wash your hands!” All day long!

What has helped me stay sane is the quarantine itself! I needed a great vacation!😁

I also stayed connected with my Church from the Ivory Coast, Listen to the service through  the radio, participate to the same Church program, I actually have been doing so before the quarantine, about 10 years ago, when I moved to the United States, I stayed connected to my Church and started to go to a local Church as well.

The Lord is the one who keeps his sanity, joy , insane peace in my heart. Like a baby in his mother’s arms!❤️

Since the quarantine started, most of us lost their jobs, I won an online course that allows me to open an Etsy store and get the traffic I need , learn to make a decent living,  it is Great! I am still learning and loving every bit of it! ❤️

I have been making jewelry, I have always been a crafter, for along time. now, I am a creative entrepreneur! ❤️

My kids enjoy laying down and watch TV, I have to ‘kick them out’ of the house 🤣 to get them to ride on their scooters, get some fresh air!. As a parent, I am glad to get to see my kids every day. As a single mother, it is not easy to do everything by myself but, I love them so much and they try to help as much as they can.


What I learned from my time away from the hustle is that The Lord was the one in charge! He has always been,  The one in charge when I was working so hard to provide for my family, The one in charge when I didn’t have a job anymore and was waiting to see what would happen next. The one putting his peace and joy in my heart before I get up in the morning! The one planning my day for me! I learned to trust the Lord more and more and repented before him for thinking that I was the strong one when it was his strength in me! The Lord is, for ever our Everything!

When quarantine is over by the grace of the Lord, I look forward to  sing in my local Church, worship the Lord our God! Invest myself in my business, I opened an Etsy shop online and I am working on my listings, I am supposed to have at least 100 to 150 ready! It is the job I was made for but I have been listening to people for years about what they think I should do as a career. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to be set free!

My kids are looking forward to see their friends from Church! ❤️ and go back to the YMCA!

I don’t think I am funny, you won’t laugh at my jokes!😁

Love you all!

The Bootes Family.