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We have many ways to volunteer at SPARC Hope.  One of the biggest ways to help is by coming to work in our food pantry.  This is one of the largest resources that we have for our single parents. It takes a lot of work to keep everything looking as good as a grocery store! We have to sort, count, date, stock!  Many hands make light work!



We are in need of someone who can volunteer in these areas:

  1. Research Grants and then write them (this could easily be divided between two people; research and writing)
  2. Intake Coordinator
  3. Database cleanup
  4. Volunteer Accountant
  5. Pantry Coordinator

Chosen people or these positions would need to be trained in the office at first, then once you felt comfortable you could complete at home. If interested in either position, please fill out the Volunteer Application below.


Please check out our link on ways you can volunteer with us: CLICK HERE OR check out http://www.volunteermatch.org/search/org698577.jsp

Aging in Place created a comprehensive piece on the benefits of volunteering for seniors. The intent of the article is to educate and encourage seniors in our area to volunteer at organizations. Please read more on why with think you could be a great fit as a volunteer! https://www.aginginplace.org/how-to-volunteer-as-a-senior/

To assist in making your volunteer experience the best it can be, please fill out the Volunteer Application. For all volunteer opportunities, you can contact Tanya Moore at 502-245-9899, ext 202 or info@sparc-hope.org


Volunteer Application

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Special skills or qualifications can be acquired through employment, previous volunteer work, or other activities like hobbies or sports. What skills or qualities do you have as a volunteer?
  • Nights/Weekends and Committee assignments are limited. Please call our office or email mary@sparc-hope.org to see when assignments are available.




Volunteering office hours start at 10 a.m unless otherwise arranged/noted.


Restaurant Night Team – Local restaurants in the community have agreed to host fundraisers to benefit SPARC Hope on the 3rd Monday of each month. We are in need of volunteer teams to oversee these events. Each team should consist of 3 or more people who will be responsible for various tasks depending on what each restaurant allows. Some examples of roles are greeters, set up/tear down SPARC displays, collect guest information, run door prize booth.


Dare to Care Team- SPARC Hope currently has a partnership with Dare to Care where we receive frozen goods, fresh produce and nonperishable/ perishable items. We are needing to build a large enough team (4-12 people) to pick up our Dare to Care order with an SUV/Van/Truck, deliver to SPARC Hope and then sort and stock our pantry shelves. Our Dare to Care orders are available for pick up the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.


Research Team-This is a great opportunity to volunteer from home! In order to expand our programs, we need help researching resources, incentives, grants and other opportunities that can help our organization and the families we serve. Ideas:  


Grants– Search for new places/ ways for us to apply

Churches – Donation, Free will offering, pantry drive, volunteers, event notification, etc

Incentives – Round Up dollars, other

Kroger – Schedule sign up times for charity assignment on Kroger card

Walmart– Call for $25 gift cards monthly

Amazon– Choose SPARC Hope as your recipient and a portion of every purchase will go to support us.

Consignment stores– Researching potential opportunities and establishing contacts.


Life Bridge Team- We are looking for 3-4 people to drive to Lifebridge at Southeast Christian Church and shop from our Single Parent’s Needs List. Items will vary in size. This is done on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 10:15 AM. This team will be responsible for delivering the items to SPARC Hope and then processing them into our inventory.


Special Program Team- We are looking for volunteers to coordinate special programs throughout the year that assist our clients. Some examples are Valentine’s Day drive, Easter baskets, Spring Cleaning, Mother’s Day, Graduation party, Back to School, Halloween Costume drive, Thanksgiving baskets, Christmas Angels, etc.


Consignment Volunteer (s) – SPARC Hope currently has partnerships with two consignment shops that host our clothing donations. We are needing a volunteer to pick up our donation receipts on a monthly basis as well as track our account balances with the shops and record donor information. We are wanting to expand our partnerships with more consignment stores, so we will need help with researching potential opportunities and establishing contacts.


Community Engagement Volunteers- These should be volunteers who are passionate about our mission and would like to share it with the community! We would like to build a team of trained volunteers to bring awareness to our cause and represent SPARC Hope at functions such as community fairs and other networking events.


Food Pantry Volunteers- We are looking for a handful of regular volunteers who can come in weekly or bi-weekly and assist in the food pantry. This will need to be an ongoing team who can run the pantry with minimal supervision and will require training from SPARC Hope staff.


  • Taking inventory of incoming donations
  • Coding and organizing donations
  • Stocking shelves
  • Collaborating with the Program Coordinator to communicate what our weekly needs list will consist of
  • Pulling all food items the month before expiration (to ensure they get to those in need, eliminating waste)
  • Assisting Program Coordinator (and possibly other volunteers) with the planning and execution of food drives
  • Assisting in keeping our pantry up to code (Dare to Care partnership)
  • Assisting with unloading and processing Dare to Care orders



Office Volunteers- We need regular volunteers who are willing to come in weekly and assist us with administrative needs. It is a requirement to be well-versed in Microsoft Office Programs.


Event Committee Teams- We are looking to build teams for our fundraising events throughout the year. We need people who love to plan parties and raise funds!


Housekeeping Team- We are a two and a half person staff in need of a little TLC! We don’t always get to the light housework list and are needing a small team to come and clean weekly or bi-weekly.


Landscaping Team- We are needing a team of outdoorsy people who would like to upkeep our landscaping around the center. This is a seasonal opportunity and weather permitting.


Light Maintenance Team- This team should consist of a few people who are handy with a hammer and can change a light bulb (or somewhere in between). I.e. light repairs and handy work. This is on an “as needed” basis.


Moving Team- SPARC Hope keeps an updated list of the household needs of our clients. When these items are donated, we are in need of assistance in transporting large items from the donor to the client. This is on an “as needed” basis and a truck or trailer is preferred.




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